Syncback 3.2

This software is a one backup and synchronization software is widely recommended to its users around the world. SyncBack, as the name suggests, will help matters synchronization and backup your files.

SyncBack is a free software (freeware) which you can easily backup and synchronize files to: same drive; on a different drive or media (CD-RW, flash disks, etc.); on the FTP server; on the network ; or on a Zip archive (Zip file). In essence, the software is a software utility SyncBack backup (backup utility), suitable for securing and synchronize your files, and is available free of charge.

As mentioned previously, although SyncBack is free, but this software is software that is fairly flexible. Very flexible for a free software, SyncBack allows you to save the file anywhere, on an external hard disk, the Zip archive, on a network drive, on CDs (using UDF), or transfer them using FTP. Restore (recover) the hard disk can also be done easily, with the restore tool that is easy and can be replicated throughout the directory (folder tree) complete with all the files contained in it.

In addition, SyncBack also allows you to perform backup scheduling (scheduled backup job) so you can set it up and let it run automatically. That way, users can also create a backup job to a folder or a specific file type. When running in the background (background), SyncBack does not use excessive computer resources, and the backup process can be set to record or create a log in an HTML file that can be seen easily.

SyncBack software available for various versions of Windows operating systems, namely Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2008, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, and Windows NT 4 (not compatible with Windows 95) .

In addition, SyncBack is also available in various languages, ranging from English, Italian, Chinese, Indonesian and not the exception. Overall, SyncBack is a very appropriate choice for home users (home users) in general and also for small companies (small business) who expects ease of backup and flexibility.

Download Syncback 3.2