Recuva 1.4

To restore files or lost data, there are a lot of software that you can spend. Recuva is one of them, and this software is widely recommended. Recuva is a file recovery software that makes the process of finding and restoring files becomes very easy to do. Approach to use wizard guides as well as a clear user interface to suit various levels of users, from novice user to the users that have been advanced. For those of you who do not accidentally delete important files, search for files that are lost when the computer crashes, Recuva is the right tool to do it. Recuva will restore deleted files from your Windows computer, Recycle Bin, digital camera memory card, or MP Player. Most importantly, you can download this software and you also use for free.

When it first opened, this software will display the aura of a very sleek, and its user interface looks professional. For menu navigation problems, it seems you will not find it difficult, but to undergo a recovery process, you can follow the wizard that has been available. Simply, if you feel you have to know where the file, you can select a list of file paths are available, including Pictures, Music, Documents, and Compressed files.

After you press the Scan button, then this software will soon begin work. And in just a few minutes, this software will display a list of files that have been deleted and also the path or location in accordance with these files. Advanced view held software provides more detailed information on each file, including file size (file size) and also the time of file creation (creation time). Restore (recover) the desired file was very easy and only involves the process of selecting a file and press the Recover button. Within a few seconds, the files will be returned and stored in the location you specified earlier.

Unfortunately, although you tend to be rare or even not use it, not included Recuva software Help file or help file. Even so, the software is still included a link on its website publisher, which consists of a forum that is ready to assist users. Overall, Recuva is the perfect choice for all computer users who are in need of file recovery software is reliable. Recuva is available starting from Windows 2000 operating system to Windows 7.

Download Recuva 1.4