SyncToy 2.1

Free software from Microsoft will help you to copy, move and also synchronize the files you have. If you're looking for a tool synchronization (synchronization tool) that makes it easy, not complicated, and is also stable, then the Microsoft SyncToy is the right tool for your use. Part of the PowerToys add-on Windows XP, this tool makes it easy to make the content remains identical folder on one computer or on a network. In essence, SyncToy is a free application that can be used to synchronize files and folders between different locations. SyncToy usage generally includes file sharing, such as photographs, by other computer and make backups of files and folders.

The first time you run it, SyncToy will guide you to create a folder pair that are connected. Left and Right are named, then this software will prompt you to choose one of five methods of synchronization. The first is Echo, in which the process will work like a one-way synchronization process (one-way sync); copy all files from the left (Left) to right (Right).

While the Synchronize option will be bidirectional (two-way); Contribute works like Echo but does not delete the files have been moved from the left folder; Subscribe only updates files that have been updated, and combine Combine Synchronize and Contribute so that the option file is updated in both sections, but none is removed. SincToy also supports files that have been encrypted (encrypted file).

In addition, SyncToy also supports preview feature, to prevent accidental data loss. Despite having the ability of a fairly complete and fairly well, but the software also has some disadvantages. Some of the deficiencies found on SyncToy are you will not be able to synchronize over the Internet, and lack of alias scheduler scheduling features.

To be able to use this software, there are some system requirements you need to consider, including: operating system support is Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP; installation of Microsoft. NET Framework v2.0: a computer with Intel processor that is equivalent pentium3 Intel 1 GHz or more; capacity of 256 MB RAM, but 512 MB recommended; and 20 MB free space on your hard disk.

Download SyncToy 2.1