Soluto 1.2

Soluto is a software created to address the problems that make computer users become frustrated that use technology "frustation detection" and "crowd solution"

Computer users, especially those who have no background in the IT world are often frustrated with their computer related problems. Sometimes, the problem is due to the slow computer is used, or because of the slow internet connection that is used or because of a crash / hang on the various programs used by computer users. See reality as it is, born of innovation in the form of a software called Soluto, designed to eliminate the frustration felt by many people.

Soluto works by automatically detecting computer to see if there is a program that crash and make you stress. If the software detects that the disorder that arises has to make you become depressed, Soluto will automatically appear and immediately gives the solution to you.

The solution is given by way of "crowding", ie by looking Soluto online database and reading the solution to the problem you are experiencing based on the experience of people who are experiencing similar problems in real time. In this way, the solution of your problem can be solved more quickly and more easily.

But not only in the handling of software issues Soluto crash course this can work. Soluto worked with three primary ways that are a source of frustration a lot of people, namely:

Chop Boot which allows you to understand your boot, look for applications where a slow and allow you to improve and are significant.

The second is the Lighten Web Browser that can show you the toolbar, and addon plugins which operate in your browser, what they do, and how they look. Help you to remove one that is not required, to make your browser faster and more stable, and show you what other users chose to keep it to run or remove them. This feature also allows you to regain your provider search option 'hijacked 'by other software.

The third feature is the Heal Crashes can change the way you fix the problem on the application, analyzing the problems in the application on a number of issues that have been collected, and find a solution to prevent it from recurring.

At this time, Soluto Beta software is most effective when used as a boot manager because it can analyze boot time and application, as it also Soluto Beat this software provide ways or steps to shorten the boot by disabling unneeded applications.

Download Soluto 1.2