Folder Size 2.5

In Windows XP, there is a shortage in the Windows Explorer, which is not the folder size column contains data that is being viewed. With Folder Size, you can resolve the issue.

Folder Size for Windows may add a new column to Details view in Windows Explorer. The new column shows not only the file size, but also the size of the folder. Folder Size monitor the folder where you can see, and scanning folder folder so that you can see complete size of all files in the folder. This process is very useful for cleaning your disk. Once you get used to obtain such information, a directory list looks incomplete without this information. Applications folder size does not have a number of features, but this simple add-on to create a new option to see the size of folders in Windows Explorer.

Folder Size will analyze your hard drive and display the size of files and folders so that you can examine the distribution of hard disk space easily. Application will display the size of folders and files as well as the percentage of the total size of the disk that they use. Reports can then be sorted to identify the largest folders and files at most. You can easily find out which files or folders that must be inserted into your hard drive space then Folder Size will also mscanning size of all subfolders. This application can scan the whole hard drive within few minutes of its scan based algorithms.

Some features of Folder Size, among others:

- With Folder Size you no longer need to change the program only to find out the magnitude of the size of the folder in question. This will facilitate and will speed up your work.

- The process of measuring the size of folders quickly. So you do not need to wait a long time when you want to know the size of a particular folder.

- Update the size of the folder will be done directly, no need to manually update multiple times.

- Not making the system becomes heavy. Folder Size works in a queue (queue) is structured to make use of this application does not make the system become unwieldy.

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