Fraps 3.4.7

Fraps is a benchmarking system software, image capture and video capture are integrated into one small and useful package. Fraps is a simple utility that is aimed at benchmarking the performance of your PC when operating the DirectX or OpenGL application. Almost any PC game using one of these technologies, so it becomes a tool Fraps owned by almost every real gamer.

Feature FRAP can be divided into two categories, namely benchmarking and screen capture. On benchmarking, the most basic feature is the frames per second. This feature puts a counter in the corner of your screen to display the number of frames per second. This useful tool allows you to operate a benchmark, as well as FRAP log FPS maximal, minimal and was on the duration of your benchmark. This process provides a real time picture of performance on your system.

In the screen capture mode, Fraps allows you to take screenshots, or video capture. Screenshot feature is not particularly helpful, because you take a screenshot using Print Screen. However, you can set Fraps to take a screenshot every few seconds and saves it automatically. In the video capture, option very different, and you can adjust the frame rate for video, set the audio source, and others.

The installation is very easy and simple that requires no setting is very puzzling. There is no adware in it, even the free version installer. No additional download to install Fraps, but you must make sure that you operate DirectX9.0 or higher. Any Windows OS newer than Windows XP supported.

Interface of this utility is very simple. The entire option is set to become a tab and explanations are available wherever needed. One drawback is that the mode of trial, in the home screen there is a large banner that asks you to upgrade to full version. A very useful feature is Fraps has an option that allowed him to minimized into system tray instead of taskbar. Almost every feature can be enabled and disabled using the Hotkey.

Download Fraps 3.4.7