Matrixer 5.1 beta Econometric Software

Matrixer is an econometric software written by Alexander Tsyplakov. It is downloadable directly from the home page of its website, it is available only for Windows operating system, and you can use it freely but only for non commercial purposes.

Matrixer is a piece of software especially suited for teaching econometrics and doing medium-scale applied research. It is small (in physical size, not in capabilities) and has smooth interface. Many routine operations could be done in seconds.

Matrixer is particularly useful for teaching econometrics, but it can be used also for applied research. Its main functions are various regression methods (linear, non linear, logit, probit, non parametric), econometrics tests, and descriptive statistics. The user interface of Matrixer has a windows-style menu with selectable options, but inputs can be given also from command line in a window at the bottom of the screen. This software is particular suited to work with vectors and matrices (hence its name) which can be imported from external sources (Matrixer can open both text files and files with csv extension), or builded easily by an editor.

Download Matrixer 5.1 beta Econometric Software