PunkBuster 3.4

PunkBuster is a software that will prevent cheating in online game play. This software is designed to keep up to date using the system auto-update as appropriate.

How to work from PunkBuster to work? PB works by scanning on the client computer to install this software, and watch for any cheat code that is used on that computer. This software will also prevent the client to do the hacking and can even be used to prevent users from using the name of obscene / frontal.

There are two main components to the PunkBuster system: PunkBuster Server (operating on the game server) and the PunkBuster Client (operating on the machine when playing games). Both components are designed to automatically keep up to date with the latest version of PunkBuster. PB Server software routinely describing the master PB Servers and downloads new updates on the Internet when the update is available and then move the latest version of the PB Client to connect when the player operates a server that connects the old version.

When PB can not auto-update, a number of error messages has been raised. For PB Server Admin, the message appears for all players when a player who has just joined a new PB version. And also, the NT server operating the old version will not be able to detect and deal with all the latest versions of software cheat / hack. For the player of the game, when the PC can not make it up-to-date, the player will be removed from the NT server and will get some error messages.

For users who need or wish to use PunkBuster PBSetup to update automatically, the setup file (PB Setup) will download link for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. PBSetup not modify the Windows registry. For good results, the user must create a fodler to hard drive in order to put PBSetup and a number of files to be created and used.

PBSetup be downloaded directly into the folder or moved into the folder after downloading to the desktop but does not operate PBSetup for the first time.

Download PunkBuster 3.4