4Sync 1.0

Want it to be all backup files and files of your work is safe and synchronized? Use 4sync software. Have you ever thought to be able to perform backup and synchronization software between computers easily, quickly, automatically, and also real time? Well, if you ever think like that, this 4Sync software can be the answer for you.

4sync software is an extension of the services provided by 4sync.com. This service helps you to synchronize photos, audio, zip files, videos and documents between different computers and gadgets you have. The way it works is, you put the files you want to synchronize in the 4sync account, then the next you'll be able to access it from anywhere as long as there is internet connection. You will be able to share, transfer and backup files using 4sync in just seconds.

Your data will be stored in the server's 4sync relatively more secure because it uses a variety of security protocols that are reliable. By doing a backup using the services of this 4sync, you can save yourself from a variety of computer problems crash, virus, accidentally deleted, and so on.

Download 4Sync 1.0