Zoom Player 5.0

ZoomPlayer is a software video player is very light and very fast to use. Try it and feel its own pleasures. Zoom Player is a free multimedia player that is claimed to be the best player for windows media PC gives you the ultimate control and provide a memorable experience digital media in the watch. With a friendly design and interface that you can enjoy a nice video with the convenience offered by this player.

So easy, Zoom Player can be compared to a chess game that is so easy to play. This software can be learned even by children aged 4 years in a few minutes. However, easy does not mean weak. This software has proven capabilities and rich features that will not disappoint you.

Zoom Player supports every image format that is popular today such as: AVI, DIVX, XVID, MPEG, Flac Audio, Monkey Audio, Matroska, Windows Media, OGM, RealMedia, QuickTime, Flash, etc., and will update itself on a regular basis. This software supports all the latest multimedia technologies such as multi monitor playing, VMR9, P2P Video Preview.

The program is designed to be used as a daily media player - so you do not have to worry about using this program every day. From novice users up to you who are experts, we think Zoom Player still suitable for you.

Here are some reasons why you should use Zoom Player is:

* This product is free for personal use and non-commercial
* Design a friendly and intuitive
* Install Center application, the ability to separately detect and safely install the decoder, periodic update increases the stability and flexibility
* 10-Band Equalizer with Digital preamp and Presets.
* DVD playback from the Disc, Hard Drive or network connection
* Remember / Resume from last media position

Download Zoom Player 5.0