ACDSee 14.0

ACDSee is one of the most popular software for viewing and editing image files. Make sure you have the software on this one. ACDSee is a software imaging tools that are very fast and easy to use. ACDSee have everything you need to organize photos, perfect catch photos, and share memories with friends and family. Easily and quickly search and find photos, fix red-eye effect (red-eye), improving lighting and many other editing features. Furthermore, you can share photos via email, print it or you can have a special place in

One of the key features that have ACDSee Photo Manager is its speed. Open an image from anywhere on your computer or email with the fastest image viewing technology today. That is, you will only spend less time to load images and have more time to enjoy it. Browse or browse all your photos directly.

Unlike catalog-based photo applications, you do not need to waste your valuable time by importing a file that is already on the computer and connected devices. Since you can access files and folders directly, aka real time. Sort (sort), grouping (group) and filter (filter) photos by camera information, or based on other criteria that can help you.

You can also combine all types of files (file type) in one easy place. See (view), manage (manage), and extensive support for image files, audio, and video clip you, including file format BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, PSD, MP3, MPEG, TIFF, WAV and many more . With so many files and various types of files you have, you will not find it difficult to use ACDSee Photo Manager. ACDSee Photo Manager search feature can help you can find all the photos, even if you have thousands of photo collection. By using keywords or phrases, and do a search on a particular folder, the files will be easily found.

No lag, but as a software image viewer, ACDSee also has an easy to use editing tool. That way, you can make improvements and manipulation of photographs and digital images, to produce a perfect work. This latest version of ACDSee includes a variety of updates, an increase (enhancement), or bug fixes (bug fix).

Download ACDSee 14.0