XAMPP 1.77

XAMPP is a software that you can use to simplify the process of making your website.
XAMPP is a package of software applications in which there are several other applications. XAMPP as the name which means (X - Applications can be operated on multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Solaris and Linux. A - which is the Apache web server. M - which is a MYSQL database server. P - PHP is a scripting programming language web . P - a Perl programming language). In addition some applications above, this application also includes an FTP server application, phpMyAdmin and several other web tools.

XMAPP application is one of the web application server that can be used free of charge and can be downloaded from the site ApacheFriends.org. Because this application is a package, then you do not need to install one by one and perform configuration separately.

XAMPP is an application designed to be a Development Tool that you can use for testing and running a web that you have created them offline on your own computer, without requiring internet connection.

XAMPP for Windows Advantage:

- Bundle web application tool, which is complete
- Can be used and distributed for free
- The installation process is easy and very practical
- Can be run in graphical mode
- Equipped with features that htdoc a folder to store files that are executed
- Equipped with facilities used phpMyAdmin to manage MySQL database on
- Equipped with a Control Panel facility, which can be used for the management of service contained in XAMPP.
- Multiplatform. Can be used on a variety of popular operating systems
- Can be used in portable

Download XAMPP 1.77