ArgoUML 0.32

ArgoUML is an open source UML modeling tool that can create a wide range of standard UML diagrams, ArgoUML is a UML modeling tool software is open source and provides support for all standard UML diagrams (Unified Modeling Language). ArgoUML program code is written entirely using the Java programming language and use Java Foundation Classess. In addition, ArgoUML is also compatible with the OMG standard for UML 1.4. UML software modeling tool runs on any Java platform and is available in different languages ​​(about 10 languages).

Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) software to automate the manufacturing process from front to back. While the Unified Modeling Language (UML) provides interoperability (interoperability) which allows to benefit from CASE. ArgoUML is a UML CASE tool for analyzing and designing object-oriented software (object-oriented software). In addition to the software that is open source, ArgoUML has many unique aspects that distinguish it from commercial tools, including a design that can increase programmer productivity and nature developed in the Java programming language that enables access and broad compatibility.

ArgoUML installer allows you to install the Java Runtime Environment, if your computer does not have it. If you already have the latest version of Java Runtime Environment, then you can spend these stages. After the ArgoUML software installed, then you'll find an alias interface design interface is so easy, well designed, has a user interface that you can adjust the back (customizable interface), and various other features that make the job of making the UML diagrams easier and efficient.

Some look like the resizable panel, graphic-style toolkit, and other details of the display is quite common in the current UML modeling tool. However ArgoUML has some unique touches such as priority panel (panel prioritizing work) that allows you to adjust work priorities in accordance with the highest priority. Despite so many things to learn in ArgoUML, an explanation and a very good wizard guides make it accessible to different levels of users. In addition, with the help of Help files, you will not find it difficult when you want to use a variety of functionality contained in this software. ArgoUML provides all features for free, so you should try it.

Download ArgoUML 0.32