WinAce 2.6

WinAce is one of the best compression software on the market. By carrying their trademark format, ace, who has a high compression rate, making it feasible software you use.

WinAce is an archiving utility with an easy to use interface to create (creating), extract (extracting), and see the (viewing) the file archive. This software includes compression features (built-in compression) file format for ACE, ZIP, LHA, and MS CAB formats, and built-in file format decompression for ACE, ZIP, LHA, MS CAB, RAR, ARJ, ARC, GZIP , TAR, and ZOO. You can create multivolume (disk-spanning) archives for ACE format and MS CAB formats, and can create self-extracting archive for ACE and ZIP file format.

WinAce 2.69 introduces a new option to license the software WinAce yours. In addition to the regular shareware license (regular shareware license) of USD / EUR 29.00, WinAce can also be used at no charge (free of charge) after installing a software package from WhenU. After installing the Save application from WhenU, WinAce will open (unlocked) and will again be a full version (full registered version) for a bundle Save application is installed and active.

WinAce is a 32-bit GUI software (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.x, Windows 2000, Windows XP) for the compression format is relatively new and popular the ACE. The purpose of this software is made to provide the user how to create, modify or extract various types of file archives (compressed files). In addition to the Windows version, there is also a DOS version that also includes easy-to-use shell and several commandline versions for various operating systems (DOS, Win32 and OS / 2).

WinAce has a high compression rate using the ACE format without sacrificing speed compression (compression speed). In addition, due to the use of ZIP files, then WinAce also supports the ZIP file format with - although ZIP file format is not as powerful and as fast compression ACE. Features that are no less important is the ease of use WinAce. To open an archive file with WinAce, you just need to double click (double click) the file in any shell environment, such as Windows Explorer. No lag, WinAce also has support for drag and drop feature. Less is more, the files can be accessed is not much different from the access it through Windows Explorer.

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