Universal Extractor 1.6

This software can help you to extract various types of commonly used data compression. But as the name implies, this software is only function as a data extractor, can not do compression.

Universal Extractor is a software designed to perform decompression (decompress) and extract the files from all types of archive files (archive) or installers, such as ZIP or RAR file, the file self-extracting EXE, installer application, and others. This software has support for many file formats using a variety of backend utilities, such as 7-Zip, ARC, nrg2iso, and many other backend utilities.

It should be noted that the software Universal Extractor is not intended as a software archive or file-compression in general. This software can not (and will never be able to) create the archive file, and therefore can not replace the role of software archiver like 7-Zip or WinRAR. However you can use the software Universal Extractor is to extract files from almost any type of archive file, regardless of the source (source), file format, compression methods (compression method) was used, and others.

The motivation behind the creation of this software is to create an easy way to extract files from various types of files or the installation package (installation package) without requiring the use of a complicated command line or use a separate utility to handle the unpacking process.

Universal Extractor software can be used for operating system versions Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. For those of you who want to try it, this software is available free of charge, so it never hurts to try.

Some of the changes contained in the Universal Extractor software version 1.6.1 are:

* Added support for the environmental variable.
* Added support for compressed files and txz XZ / tlz via 7-Zip archive.
* Added support for Windows Installer merge modules (. MSM) through MsiX.
* Added support for NBH file through NBHextract.
* The addition of language to Armenian language, Czeck, Persian (Farsi), Serbian and Swedish.
* Change the behavior unpacking 7-Zip.
* Change the Windows installer support (. Msi,. MSP) to use instead of using msi2xml MsiX.
* Change the LZMA support to use 7-Zip for extraction (extraction).
* Change the FEAD support in order to use instead of using a trid PeiD detection (detection).

Download Universal Extractor 1.6