TeraCopy 2.2

TeraCopy is a utility that will help you to be able to copy files and folders faster and more intuitive than the usual manual copying. TeraCopy is a free utility designed to copy or move files faster and safer. TeraCopy can resume aborted file transfer problems. TeraCopy past the bad files during copy and even shows the files that passed at the end of the file transfer. In addition, TeraCopy will calculate files CRC to increase the speed ratio of the source and target files to ensure file copied perfectly.

TeraCopy developed by Code Sector is a utility to copy files for free that provides speed and security more than the usual default Windows copy way. This tool is very compact and can copy or move a file or a file quickly into your chosen directory, includes calculating the CRC checksum value to add speed automatic validation process. This tool can also skip the file is damaged during the process of copying, display the file at the end of the file transfer so you can see which files are to be replaced and another concern.

Not much we can say for this one other than software: awesome. We felt we should have used this software since the beginning of its emergence as this software can help simplify and expedite the processes copy files and folders that we have very well.

Download TeraCopy 2.2