Macrium Reflect 4.2

Macrium Reflect can be a solution to backup your data if you want to try to experiment with the contents of your computer. Your data will be backed up in a file that is easily accessible.

Backup all data contained on the computer does not have to be a tedious job. Macrium Reflect Free Edition makes data backup process becomes very easy because the user interface is clear and very helpful wizard.

Installing this software may at first be able to make you a bit of trouble, because even though this software is free software, but this software tends to require you to buy it, and you will be given a confirmation number. Moreover, this software will recommend you to see the online tutorial before you start using it. But you will likely have difficulty understanding their online tutorial for the language used is Italian. Fortunately, there is a Help menu that is more appropriate and written in English, making it easier for you when you find it difficult to operate this software.

User interfaces can be said simple but professional look. Command line is clear at the top of the window and tab provides options for the disk image, partition, XML definition, and scheduled backups. Wizard is a great help will guide you through the process of backup settings. In addition, you also can quickly choose a backup location (hard disk, network, CD / DVD).

But before you start, you will be presented a summary of the backup so you can see the types of backups (backup type), the backup destination (destination), the type of compression used (compression type), and also the protection password (password protection). Here you can also make advanced configuration (advanced configuration) at the level of compression (compression level) and also the size of the file (file size).

This software will slow down your computer while making backups, so you will not be able to browse or work with software other resource-intensive at the same time. However, you will be able to monitor the process backup, and the backup process to run effectively. If you're looking for a backup software that is simple yet reliable, then Macrium Reflect Free Edition is recommended for use by all users. This backup software can be used on Windows XP operating system, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, and is available free of charge.

Download Macrium Reflect 4.2