Holy Qur’an 1.0

Used to find the Holy Qur'an Al-Quran reading in Arabic, Urdu and English with a different style of navigation. This application also has 114 letters and 30 Juz, an index that can directly access any letter or verse, and can change the fonts and languages​​, are also looking for the translation in Urdu (Molana Fateh Muhammad Jalandhari) and English (Abdullah Yusuf Ali).

Sura Index tab has 114 letters, each letter has a paragraph in the hierarchy, eg sura Fatiha has seven verses. You can read the entire letter by clicking the sura name and verse can be read by clicking on a particular node in the tree.

There are three View modes for exploring the Qur'an:

(1) Letter Mode: this mode you can read the whole letter, and can navigate through Next / Prev Sura buttons.

(2) per juz :: Mode This mode you can read whole chapters and can navigate through Next / Prev The button.

(3) Paragraph Mode: This mode you will enter text and numbers can navigate through Next / Prev Page Buttons.

Download Holy Qur’an 1.0