iTunes 10.4

iTunes is a free audio player and a free video that can run on Macintosh and PC (Windows). You can synchronize with ipod, iphone and also shop online through the Apple store.

As one of the popular program to manage music and video content on a personal computer, Apple's iTunes software has become a thing can not be separated from the digital lives of some people --- chiefly Macintosh enthusiasts. The latest version of iTunes is bringing a multimedia software from Apple is not only very useful but it looks very modern and sophisticated.

Layout and design of the new iTunes is identical to previous versions of iTunes, with only a few minor differences. At this time the version Apple has updated its logo for iTunes. If previously there are still seeing the icon of music on a CD, now you will see a far more representative of Apple.

Updating your iTunes is what you should do and should not be no. Within the routine, some updates from your iPod or iPhone will be present in front of you and you can not refuse to update it. This feature is actually quite disturbing because we like being forced to do things that we do not necessarily want, but the essence of this feature is necessary to keep this from software bugs and security holes are not desirable.

New from iTunes: iTunes version: this fixes the problem where the media on non Apple keyboard to work with inconsistent, a problem that causes the software is less responsive when you buy an HD video, and issues with VoiceOver support.

Download iTunes 10.4