Handbrake 0.9.5

HandBrake is a GPL'd multiplatform, multithreaded DVD to MPEG-4 ripper / converter. HandBrake was originally the software of available separately BeOS, but now has evolved and can be run on Mac OS X, GNU / Linux and Windows. With Handbrake you can do is rip the DVD and convert it to MPEG-4 format for Mac OS, Linux and Windows. Very impressive.

If you have a DVD or video file that you really like - you might even have to pay dearly for it - but the DVD format is limiting you to change it in a more friendly format so you can save on your hard drive, make backups of it on disk, or play them on mobile devices, then what you need is software handbrake.

HandBrake can take video from several sources, such as DVD, DVD image, and take the audio from the source as well, including MPEG audio tracks coming from. You can then convert the original file into a variety of digital file output formats such as AAC, MKV, MP4 and MPEG-4. This is where the functionality of this software was really useful.

There are some interesting advantages in HandBrake, such as the ability to select individual chapters on a DVD and take a subtitle. You can do many things to control your recording, such as selecting the bit rate, setting the maximum size of the video, and take a sample bit rate for audio.

In general, this software is very interesting and very useful. However, please note that HandBrake is not an easy program to use, because the documentation of the software is not very clear. So, maybe you need some time to learn the software on this one.

The latest version of HandBrake is making some improvements from previous versions, including variable rate encoding, encoding MP4 optimization, better handling on DVD error, and an improved interface. The drawback is support for AVI and OGG / OGM has been stopped.

Download Handbrake 0.9.5