Flock Browser 2.6

Like to use Twitter and Facebook to interact with your friends? Try this one browser - Flock! Flock is a free web browser that makes it easier to share photos, keep up-to-date with news from your favorite sites, and do a search on the Web.

Flock is built on Mozilla technology is faster and safer. Share photos, get news, blogs for free, and do a search around the world with Flock. Flock makes it easier for you to get in touch with your friends out there.

When you use Flock to do something cool, you mean is a Flockstar (call for Flock user). It can be everything you need to share with your friends or the world.
Flock is designed separately to streamline and emphasize how you can interact with social networking sites, RSS and media feeds, and blogs.

Because it is built on the basis of Firefox, you will not feel strange with this flock and also supports most - but not all - Firefox extension. And one of them, the Awesome Bar.

Flock's social network savvy sidebar is the reason why you should use this browser. Button at the top of the sidebar that can be folded to make you able to easily access all the social networks or Web sites that you frequently use rather than what you Tweet. Feature-focus, each of the buttons to help you get the message out faster, like dragging and dropping (drag n drop) photos to Flickr, or helps you read your friends messages quicker, like the integrated RSS reader.

The button (Browse button) will turn into an area for the sidebar to keep track of all your social networking accounts. Your avatar will be displayed on the left, while on the right will contain a link to the messages and new comments. At the bottom will be available links to upload new media and to hot link to open or close your media stream.

There are also hot links to many major blogging sites. And if you want to wear your own blog, Flock can guide you through the process. We think this is really a browser that is suitable for users of social networking media addict.

Download Flock Browser 2.6