Y'z Dock 0.8.3

Make your Microsoft Windows desktop become more beautiful with a Macintosh-style display with Y'z Dock. This free program (it seems) can make your friends stare at your computer.

Do you want to display the shortcut icon on the desktop computer Dock you like Max OSX? If you wish, you can use a very simple application called Y'z Dock. Y'z Dock using this application you can create a shortcut of the file or your favorite application very easily on the desktop, with an animated display and a transparent background.

The process is very easy to use software. After the installation of Y'z Dock has been successfully performed on your computer, you just need to drag and drop the files directly from Explorer into the Dock area, then a shortcut can be directly used.

Y'Z Dock application has a feature that can be used to remove the icon. To be able to remove the icon from the Dock, you can do so by means of drag and droop on the icon to come out of the Dock area, and the shortcut will instantly disappear automatically.

To use a custom image, you can place a PNG image for the icon located in the folder icon. The first thing you should do is, right click on the icon in the Dock, then select "Properties" and have your picture icon that are in there. After that, you have to right click anywhere on your Dock background and choose "Setting" to be able to change the settings available on the dock itself.
If you want to use the setting to display your Dock, you can open the settings menu by right-clicking on the Dock area, then you only need to select Settings. Then once you do, you can specify the settings you want.

Y'z Dock application has had quite a lot of consumers when it was released for the first time. But because there are some criticisms and claims of Apple, developer of this application decided to no longer develop applications Y'Z Dock again.

Download Y'z Dock 0.8.3