Windows Movie Maker 2.6

If you're making a video using your photo collection is difficult, try Windows Movie Maker.
Software that is simple and easy to use Microsoft's can help you to create a multimedia file that can be fully customized with the addition of various video clips and interesting pictures that you like. In addition, you can also create a multimedia file (video / movie) is filled with a variety of transition effects and make it look more professional.

Not difficult to use this software. You only need to import a variety of images and videos you want to compile into the "timeline" in the application. Furthermore, you can provide a variety of special effects that you like, and see how the results would be obtained by looking at the windows "Preview". For those of you who want to create more professionally produced video again, you may also add titles and credits to the video.

After all the editing process is complete, you can either export a variety of video file that you generated in various formats, ranging from normal to high quality and low quality. Furthermore, you can use the resulting video on your website, write to CD / DVD, or simply you just make records in your computer. Whatever.

In conclusion, Windows Movie Maker is a software simple and easy to use, lightweight and powerful enough for many uses everyday editing video. However, it should be noted that the software is intended for novice users. For those of you who have become a professional in the affairs of video editing, you probably will need an application that is more "advanced" than Windows Movie Maker.

Download Windows Movie Maker 2.6