TaskSwitchXP 2.0

If you feel a combination of ALT + TAB Windows default is less stable and less obvious, this software will meet the shortage could be that you feel it.

TaskSwitchXP is a replacement for Windows ALT + TAB dialog with the standard preview and task management capabilities are very powerful. TaskSwitchXP provide the same functionality, and incorporate visual style for the dialog and also enhance it by displaying screenshots of the application in addition to the associated icon. Dialogue can also be customized on a per user basis with optional font settings and transparency.

TaskSwitchXP also has a powerful process and window management capabilities that allow you to close or minimize the application of the group. Unique capabilities of this TaskSwitchXP make it useful for monitoring the windows, and provide knowledge about how Windows and applications work.

This simple utility function increase ALT + TAB in Windows by displaying screenshots of open windows along with the icon. Windows XP-style interface on TaskSwitchXP can be accessed from the system tray or by using the ALT + TAB. Icon is designed in a vertical list on the right, while a snapshot of the selected window appears on the left.

TaskSwitchXP very useful, especially if you open many applications simultaneously. Display in graph form making it easier to choose the right window. You will find a setting that variable to customize the look of the program, select and define the key, also access the program. TaskSwitchXP also available in several languages.

Tool that can save time is to put more power into the shortcut Alt + Tab, and quite easy use for anyone wishing to use them and are also available for free to be downloaded and installed.

Here are some features of TaskSwitchXP you can enjoy:

A. Very simple, small and fast
2. Designed for Windows XP
3. Windows Snapshot as a thumbnail preview
4. Configurable: interface schemes, color and font settings can be selected, the display effect, shortcut, exclusion and many others.
5. menus and advanced process information
6. window and task management capabilities are very powerful
7. Multilingual user interface (more than 20 languages)
8. Availability of the complete source code

Download TaskSwitchXP 2.0