SQL Server 2008 R2 Express

This is a free version of the popular database from Microsoft with the headline Express Edition. You can download this software and install it for free, without cost.

Often people identify Microsoft as a big corporation and the wicked are not concerned with other people, only the pursuit of profit for himself and his own, and millions draw the maximum profit by selling a variety of software that has a great price.

However, it seems, Microsoft is really intend to break that image by making a variety of services and free software that can be used by anyone problems. One example is this software: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition.

SQL Server 2008 Express Edition is a cut-down version (a limited version, and free of course) from the software Microsoft SQL Server 2008 flagship of the famous and used by many large companies around the world. SQL Server 2008 is very reliable, and has many important features needed by the company and its administrator database, such as:

Lightweight and easy to install: installation file of this software can be fairly small and does not require a long time to download. The installation process was fairly easy and fast when compared to other competitors.

Administration is easy: with SQL Server 2008, is not the time anymore to do the manual to tune up your database in order to run smoothly as expected. Micorosoft provides a variety of updates and patches automatically to SQL Server 2008 that makes the performance of your database will always be higher using this software.

There is a free management tool: if you want to try to organize more and more detail about your database system, it could be. Microsoft provides the SQL Server Management Studio Express which you can connect to SQL Server 2008 set your database.

Connected well with Visual Studio Express Edition: no longer need to deal with a variety of text that make dizzy. Visual Studio you can now connect directly to the graphics with this software. Easy and fast.

Easy to use: finish-install, you can directly use the database without any problems. Want to export your database to the external server? No problem, everything is so easy with SQL Server 2008 Express Edition.

Download SQL Server 2008 R2 Express