Safari 5.1 Mac Browser Software

Browsers that this one is a favorite of Mac software (Apple) mania. Safari, said one of the fastest and best browser in terms of compatibility with W3C web standards. Although Safari continues to increase its speed to surpass current JavaScript engine and Opera, Apple continues to put the development of features that are well below the critical pole. That does not mean that new features have been overlooked.

There is a choice of a new Reader that shorten how you read the article, broader support for HTML5, default support for searches on Bing, and performance improvements. However, the biggest new feature of them all - extensions - will not be available until next summer, according to Apple, and depending on what you're looking for in a browser, Safari can be seen as an option a lot less helpful.

Safari 5 is very easy to install, but it also takes time to run the installer when compared with competitors such as Firefox, Chrome and Opera. Safari update with apple updater software, which will pick you at apple windows-based program when it detects the update. Safari does not come with an uninstaller, so if you want to remove it, you have to remove it through the Windows Add / Remove Programs tool or use a third-party software remover.

Interface to the Apple Safari web browser as a whole has not changed much from previous versions of safari. Remain above the navigation on this version, the Back and Forward buttons, location bar, search box, the current page menu, and menu preferences are not much changed. But both safari and chrome-based WebKit, Safari has chosen to keep its tab below the navigation bar's maintaining his gray interface. In terms of interface, this browser does not the minimalist Chorme or Opera, and feels a little old for it.

So if the conclusions drawn, it does offer a safari 5 speed as what is usually offered on any other web browser. With the exception of the unique features of Reader, Safari 5 browser is better than another.
Well, but that's just our opinion. You need to download and install it yourself to find out how the sense of this mania Mac favorite browser.

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