Real Alternative 2.02

Real Alternative will help you to be able to play a variety of Real Media files without having to install Real Player in full. Real Alternative is a codec pack created for playing RealMedia files on Microsoft Windows operating system without having to install RealPlayer.

Real Alternative will allow you to play all real media formats are supported (. Ra. Rm. Rmvb. Ram. Rpm. Rv. Rp. Rt. Rnx. Smi. Smil), including streaming content and RealMedia content embedded in web pages.

So in other words, with the Real Alternative is on your computer, you do not need a player that can play RealMedia again.

Real Alternative is supporting a wide range of formats including: RealAudio (. Ra. Rpm), RealMedia (. Rm. Ram. Rmvb. Rpx. Smi. Smil), RealText (. Rt), ReadPix (. Rp). It also supports RealMedia content that the glue on the web page.
RealMedia files. Smi and. Smil not fully supported, only the first part are usually played, this is one limitation of this software. RealMedia Browser plugin supports Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape.

Real Alternatifve comes not without competitors. Based on the usability and capabilities of this program, the main competitor of the Real Alternative is RealPlayer itself. But we judge that the software itself is quite good and quite reliable.

To give you easy to choose, below is a comparison of the advantages of these with RealPlayer Real Alternative:

* Installation is quick and easy
* Provide file 'uninstall'
* No background processes
* Using the player of your choice
* Uses few resources so it does not slow down your computer performance.
* No advertising registration form, and other annoying things.

There are two types of Alternative Rea here is regular and lite versions. The only difference between is that the lite version does not include an important media player classic to play a variety of files available. Therefore we further suggest Real Alternative full edition for you.

Download Real Alternative 2.02