Python 3.2.2

Python is an object-oriented programming language with open source licenses. Many reviews that say that by switching to the Python language would make programming a person's ability and speed to be increased.

Python is an object-oriented programming language is powerful and allows you to work more quickly and integrate your systems more efficiently. Syntax is simple and clean, high-level data structure, dynamic typing, and an extensive library support for Python to create a highly productive tool for a wide range of programming. Python runs on Windows operating systems, Linux / UNIX, Mac OS X, and has been ported to the Java virtual machine and. NET virtual machine. Special, Python is free to use even for commercial product development though.

Python is a programming language widely used in various applications, and also often compared to Tcl, Perl, Ruby, Scheme or Java. The things that distinguish Python with other programming languages ​​such as: Python has a syntax that is very clear and readable; have a strong introspection capabilities (strong introspection), object orientation is clear, the natural expression of procedural code; full modularity, supporting hierarchical packages; exception-based error handling; very high level dynamic data types; support libraries and modules wide; extension and module written easily in C, C + + (or Java for Jython, or. NET language for IronPython) can be embedded (embedded) in in the application as a scripting interface.

As we mentioned before, Python is a powerful application that quickly and well. Why? This is because Python byte compiler that has been optimized to run faster, and also the presence of an extensive library support, so the code is written in Python can be run more than fast enough for most applications. Do not forget, Python is also available for all major operating systems. In fact, there are also versions of Python that runs on Java and. NET virtual machine, and Nokia S60 phones.

Also known as the Python programming language that is friendly and easy to learn. Python developer and user communities to actively maintain and continue to develop the wiki, so it can be a complete reference for all Python users. More complete, Python also comes with complete documentation, either in the form of programming language integrated in the documentation as well as separate web page. The best, the Python implementation under an open source license that makes it free to be used both for commercial use though.

Download Python 3.2.2