Picasa 3.8

Picasa is the application of image editing and sharing a powerful and free from the Google Corporation. No more paying top dollar for such software, because you can use Picasa for free.

Picasa is a photo editing software from Google that can make your photos look good. Transfer, find, manage, edit, print and share photos or drawings, all of these things can be done easily using Picasa. This software can work with JPEG, GIF, BMP, PSD and other file formats, and compatible with most digital cameras, where Picasa will detect the USB driver and it will import image files and photos into the album.

Editing tools available in your Picasa include crop (standard or custom), remove red-eye effect, even change color images into black and white images. If necessary, you can email it to a photo with the built-in email client, and can make a backup image into a CD (or on another hard disk), and organize photos using labels and stars (star), just like Gmail.

Less is more like an application or other services from Google, Picasa is very straightforward when it is used. With a tabbed interface that offers three different options, namely My Photos, Favorites, and Explore, then browse the photo file and image become so easy. On the next tab, you will find the button that looks outstanding additions that serve to add photos to the album, where you can set at different levels of privacy. On the album, you have the option to view an image slideshow, share via email, create collages (collage), or video, print, and perform editing on various aspects.

Picasa can be used alone, or can also be combined with other services of Google, the Picasa Web Albums. Picasa Web Albums is Google's photo hosting service, which provides hosting capacity of 1 GB, free of charge. Picasa is used to upload and manipulate images, because Picasa Web Albums only serves as a host and does not provide such features.

Integration between desktop applications (Picasa) and web applications (Picasa Web Albums) is a good combination. Similar to. Mac and iPhoto, Picasa makes the process of transferring photos from your desktop and publish them on the Internet has become very easy. In conclusion, for those who like to publish pictures online and want to have the ability to image editor image viewer and a standard, then Picasa is software that is right for your use.

Download Picasa 3.8