Paint.NET 3.5

Paint.NET is an application of one of our favorite applications. Compared to Adobe Photoshop, the software is much lighter and easier to use. Paint.NET is an image and photo editing software free for computers using Windows operating systems. This software presents a clear user interface display with support for layers, unlimited undo the (unlimited), special effects, and a variety of useful and powerful tool. In addition, active online community continues to grow and provide help, tutorials, and plugins. That way, users will have no trouble when it has a question related to this software.

If what you want is a quick image fixes, then Photoshop is too much for you to use. On the other hand, Paint.NET is an open source freeware editor with all the necessary tools, such as crop, rotate, resize, adjust colors, and many other basic functions.

In addition, Paint.NET supports common image formats, such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and others, with the exception of high-resolution RAW files (high-resolution RAW files). There are a variety of effects and features of primary and secondary, which can spoil the graphics editor, including red-eye removal tool that looks to give a dramatic improvement in the picture. Unlike other software image editors, Paint.NET supports layers, history, and has an action manager. Pleasing interface which presents a semi-transparent windows for ease of use.

Paint.NET version 3.5 has been able to resolve performance problems and offer some tweaks to the user interface Aero-theme, but some users may not like the gray-overlay changes made to the selection tool. Various useful tool under the Effects menu has been increased quite a lot since version 3, including surface blurs, dents, and crystalize.

This latest version of Paint.NET will automatically download and install the software needs, such as the Microsoft version. NET and the latest Windows Installer. In the latest version, the update will run in the background (background), so you can still use it until ready to be restarted. Users who have been using Paint.NET may be aware that the latest version of the 20% faster than previous versions (according to developer claims). Apart from some minor problems it has, Paint.NET has a more full featured than Microsoft Paint but still free, so this software is worth having for all users who need to edit or manipulate the images. May be useful.

Download Paint.NET 3.5