Miro 4.0

Miro is a software that you can use to stream video from the 6000 + channels online, play video streaming and also vidde HD-quality video.

Miro is the audio and video player, converter and downloader free torrent that is open source. This software can synchronous to Android phones and tablets and other devices. Miro is a free alternative to iTunes player with better flexibility.

The concept behind the Miro software is very brilliant, yet simple: create a video jukebox and audio player that can be used to download podcasts, shopping as well as audio file player available on the internal media.

The new version of the program is more similar to iTunes, with the left navigation area to navigate between audio, video and other devices are connected, the Amazon MP3 store, and also Google android market. The latest version of this program have dai navigation on the right, which put a link to a video of the last time you saw, or audio from the last time you play and download your latest.

Another feature of this Miro, other than as a media player is a client that can be used to download torrents, watch files in one folder, and resume playing the video, channel surfing, video sharing, video hosting and so forth.

For a lot of your move (mobile) in their daily activities, Miro also allows you to run the file from other computers connected in a similar hotspot. So, while walking you can also exchange all the data collection with people you meet at any time anywhere.

Download Miro 4.0