Microsoft Visual Basic 6

Microsoft Visual Basic programming is one of the most popular IDE in the world.
Microsoft Visual Basic 6 is one part of Microsoft Visual Studio family released by Microsoft Corporation. This application is one of the rivals of Borland Delphi and also from the Sun Microsystems Java output.

Microsoft Visual Basic 6 software is a software that is quite old age, has more than 10 years of circulating in the world of computing. But though an old man, this version is one of the most widely used IDE in the world, although this time Microsoft has issued a version of Microsoft Visual Basic. Net.

Why are there more popular though a newer version? The answer is because the old versions of Microsoft Visual Basic is very light and very easy to administer compared to the newest version. Latest version of Visual Basic with a variety of complex facilities (from the Framework. Net), making versions after Microsoft Visual Basic 6 to be heavier and slower to executed. Therefore, although not as sophisticated next version, most people use more recent version than the new version.

To our knowledge, Microsoft Visual Basic version 6 there is also a portable version of it. But the version that we provide here is a version of "raw" you need to install it first so I can use on your computer.

Download Microsoft Visual Basic 6