Microsoft Silverlight 4.0

As one of the browser plugin created to compete with Adobe Flash Player, Microsoft Silverlight is arguably the output is one tough opponent.

You must already know Adobe Flash is not it? Yes, a plugin useful for multimedia content on the web or blog from your browser. Well, Microsoft Sliverlight it can be said is the rival of Adobe Flash, which distinguishes the two programs is that if Flash using Action Script OO Programming, while Silverlight use language. Net like VB.Net and C #. Net.

With the launch of Microsoft Sliverlight this, Microsoft apparently is trying to get attention, and its existence back in the world of computers and the internet. But competition has now shifted to the virtual world where technology is reportedly similar Sliverlight Adobe Flash Player.

Sliverlight is a web browser plugin that lets you view multimedia content on the internet. This plugin gives you the ability for the user the ability to listen to audio, video and animation on display in your browser. Although many say that this is a competitor of Flash Player and both look the same, but basically they are not very similar.

Microsoft Sliverlight is a multi platform, multi browser and multi plugin device to receive the next generation of multimedia content files and rich interactive applications for the web. Now with the implementation of Silverlight is also focused on mobile devices. With initial support for the device with the operating system Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 (including the S60-based handset), Silverlight provides broad reach into the mobile space as well. Something worth trying.

The latest version of Microsoft's Silverlight has been released in April 2010. These features in Silverlight is basically the same as what is owned by Adobe Flash. Sliverliht is a powerful development platform and attractive, adna can feel a new experience in terms of enjoying multimedia on the web, desktop and mobile applications either as online or offline.

With Microsoft Sliverlight this, you can enjoy multimedia content anywhere, anytime and with any device including your mobile phone. So far Microsoft Sliverlight can be fairly successful in attracting the attention of the market, but still not strong enough to shift the Adobe Flash Player remedy.

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