Java Runtime Environment 1.7 (32 bit)

Java Runtime Environment is a plugin that can be said to be second only to the popular Adobe Flash. This plugin allows you to interact better with the items on the internet.

Before we go on the Java Runtime Environment, previously let us first know what it is Java. Java, of course you've heard it is not, a symbol of the term programming language with Java coffee is indeed said he was inspired by Javanese coffee. This is not a programming language programming language, Java is the world's most popular programming language that is used more than 800 million desktops, 3 billion mobile devices and about 6 million developers around the world.

As a programming language, Java - like other programming languages ​​- can make all forms of application, desktop, web and others. Java is object-oriented programming language (OOP) and you can run on different operating system platforms. The development of Java is not only focused on one operating system, but developed for a variety of operating systems and open source.

Back to the main topic, the Java Runtime Environment or JRA is one of the technologies developed in the artificial oracle and oracle as well. With this JRE, it is possible to run applications called "applets" written in the Java-based programming discussed. With this applet, and then allow you or anyone to feel the experience is more impressive than simply interacting with static HTML pages.

If you want to compare, this plugin is similar to the use of Adobe Flash Player

Many applications that run on either Windows, Mac or Linux that requires java to function and be used properly. A simple example: when you want to upload your images to social networking sites like Facebook, your computer must first be installed JRE, if not, then you will be prompted for it. Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is compatible with virtually all computer hardware and software.

Download Java Runtime Environment 1.7 (32 bit)