Google Earth 6.1

Google Earth is an application to navigate through the earth's surface in detail and it's free. Software created by Google is available for personal and commercial purposes. Google Earth is software you can put information planetary imaging and other geographic information right on your desktop. Seeing exotic locations such as Italy and Paris, as well as public places like restaurants, hospitals, schools, hotels, and others. Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put geographic information at your fingertips. With Google Earth, you can "fly" from space to all the places on earth, by typing the address and do the magnification (zoom in) to find it. Get driving directions (driving direction), tilt (tilt) and rotate (rotate) to see the area and building a three-dimensional (3D), store and share your favorite sites and you can even add your own caption.

Google Earth 6 is available for the desktop in three different versions: Google Earth, Google Earth Pro and Google Earth Enterprise. This latest version of the Google Earth mapping software continues to be indispensable. Fairly easily accessible by users at large, Google has added many features that may be useful for the "enthusiast" topography of the world. Although Google Ocean is a prominent feature found in version 5, the Google Earth version 6 you can also check the surface of the planet Mars is our close neighbor, and can easily find the map of Earth's history (Historical Imagery).

Map of marine (oceanic map) are available also looks pretty cool. Google Earth provides the ability to dive to the bottom of the sea, view exclusive content from the BBC and National Geographic, and explore shipwrecks like the Titanic in the form of three-dimensional (3D). On the surface of Mars exploration is limited to data provided by NASA. Switch the display between Google Earth, Sky, and Mars can be done from the menubar or from the planet icon located on the toolbar. In addition, of course, you also can explore the entire surface of the earth with varying levels of detail.

The only drawback to this software is to consume large amounts of RAM capacity, so the computer can run into performance issues. Even so, the latest version, it can be configured via the Options menu. In conclusion, everyone might have been like Google Earth, both as a means of entertaining or as a tool that is very informative and interesting.

Download Google Earth 6.1