Google Desktop 5.9

To help you speed up file searches on the computer, we highly recommend this software. In our opinion, this software is much better than the original default Windows file search.

Google Desktop will provide full text search on email, computer files, chat and your webpage you have open. By making your computer can search, Google Desktop putting information easily within your reach so you can organize your files, email, and your bookmarks with ease. Besides Google Desktop introduces a new way to access the appropriate information.

When you view a web page in Internet Explorer, Google Desktop will cache or move the contents so that you can see the version of the same page, even if the content has changed or you're offline. Google Desktop email search result set into the conversation, so that all email messages on the same thread are grouped into a search result.

Simple, simple and free, Google Desktop indexes your hard drive like the way Google indexes web servers. Your search result will appear in a Web-page format that looks similar to Google's web site. Sidebar applications regularly update the status of the email, photos, RSS feeds and weather you.

Indexing the first time a little longer, especially if you have a lot of email, contacts, chat transcript, and documents. You will find the basic gadget content that is useful such as: audio player, sports and stock ticker, a file shredder, and wackier items like an interactive plant.

This latest version of Google Desktop: is compatible with Windows Vista, emulates the corner of the circular and transculent panel and the ability to override native Vista sidebar. There are also cross-indexing for multiple computers and sharing panel items with your friends. Very interesting new feature is the preview window for the search result, which can save time when doing click, open and close the indexing.

Download Google Desktop 5.9