FLV Video Player X.Y.Z

How to play FLV file format easily? This software can be one solution
Who does not know zip. A lively video format used in a variety of video hosting and streaming video like YouTube and others. FLV is a Flash-based video format that has several advantages compared to other formats so that the format is the most widely used. Among these advantages are the ease of flv format in terms of use, the better video compression, audio and video quality is higher, the ease of editing, and more comfortable to watch.

Unfortunately, although the video format is widely used but has not been a lot of video player that has the ability to play video files to flv format. That's the reason why strewn special program for playing video files flv format. One of the famous and according to some sources was the pioneer free video player that can play FLV video format is FLV Player Free. From the name alone can we guess the main functions of this player.

FLV Video Player X.Y.Z
Free FLV Player is a video player that supports flv format video playback although its function is not limited to that alone. Free FLV Player is developed by Martijn De Visser has now been acquired by Aplian Technologies so if you are looking for FLV Player via a search engine and you find Aplian FLV Player, the actual program FLV Player is a program we are discussing today.

Latest version of FLV Player is an update that is better than ever before and still 100% free. The key feature of FLV Player FLV file is playing on your computer, of course. You will get the ease of use as FLV Player, just click a FLV file then the FLV Player will play them for you. FLV Player also supports full screen mode full screen alias for the sensation of watching the video more interesting. Playlist support to allow you create playlists without having to play them one at a time when you finish playing.