FileHippo Update Checker 1.038

FileHippo is one that provides a variety of popular web software download link. This utility helps you to be always updated with the latest software FileHippo. Almost every program that is in our computer has an automatic updater which will notify you when a new version available. But if you prefer to be more proactive about the update, you can use the Update Checker.

Update checker will scanning your computer for installed software, check the versions and then send the information to to see if the available version has just been released. Then this information will be displayed in your browser so you can be downloaded by you.

This is very simple program that will check for updates automatically to a program and notify you if the new version has been found. Although almost everyone wants to stay up-to-date by letting the task concerned itself, for those who like to have more control could feel that the Update Checker will be very useful.

This program appears as an icon in the system tray, and with the mouse over the icon will be displaying a menu that comes with a number of updates that it finds. Double click the icon and a result page will appear inside your browser displays all available updates. There are two regular updates are available, as well as six beta update.

This program does not check for updates for each program you have installed, but can function well when in a browser, media player, chat client, etc.. A link is located on each item in the list allows us to access the available updates. The program has some additional settings that allow you to customize the type of connection and want scanning program to other programs in a particular location if the program is not installed on the program location.

One drawback of this program is the absence of a Help file. However, this program is very easy to understand, so it seems like it's not a problem. Overall, we feel that the Update Checker is a very good tool to have if you want to keep your software to keep up-to-date.

Download FileHippo Update Checker 1.038