FastPictureViewer 1.6

Enjoy a collection of images that you have now could be a lot easier and faster than ever with FastPictrureViewer. This program is free and easy to use.

Software FastPictureViewer was designed to speed up the workflow of professional photographers and provides full color management features include support for custom profiled monitors, rating functions compliant with windows Vista and Adobe XMP standards, instant RGB histogram and EXIF ​​windows, instant magnifier, image preloading and caching, as well as optional Direct3D acceleration to speed display object (viewing speed) is well on modern computers. In essence, FastPictureViewer is attractive image viewer software that allows users to quickly view images, see the histogram and metadata, and can be used to provide labels on the photograph. Although this software does not have many features, but this software is quite steal the show by having a very good appearance.

FastPictureViewer software interface looks quite sleek, with functions organized on the four buttons at the bottom left corner. At the kiosk mode, the software removes the title bar at the top and the taskbar, allowing users to optimize the viewing area. Overall, the look of this software looks very professional and modern, creating a sense of comfort when using it. The only complaint against the interface of this software is owned by the switching process between the parent folder subfolders and not too obvious, so users need little adjustment. Moreover, the interface looks very good FastPictureViewer.

Help file is quite compact and is more directed to the list of keyboard functions rather than an explanation of how this software works. Software features is somewhat less impressive, although it can function properly. FastPictureViewer displays an RGB histogram, as well as the metadata panel that displays information on the image exposure.

This software also provides basic labeling functions (basic labeling function) which resembles the image browser software such as Lightroom and ViewNX. FastPictureViewer users should be aware that the software is intended as a software image viewer and not an image editor software, so users will not be able to do the tweaking or improvement in the picture. FastPictureViewer software is software that is free, and is recommended for users who are looking for an attractive, lightweight way to view digital images. FastPictureViewer latest version upgrade in Windows Photo Viewer and Photo Gallery.

FastPictureViewer 1.6