EA Download Manager 8.0

EA Games Download Manager is a software made by Electronic Arts that will help you to download computer games from EA to safely and smoothly. EA Download Manager is an application for downloading patches or buy games from the EA Store. If you prefer to buy a digital copy of a game than go to the store, this application is perfect for you. As you adjust the premium downloads, EA Download Manager also will initiate decryption of the game, operate and use the installer.

If a game requires a license DRM (Digital Right Management), this will be needed by your EA Download Manager. You only need to create an EA Store account and you're ready to use. You can download many files at once in just one click.

Just like when you download a game, this application also keep you updated with the patch and update your game, so you can always up-to-date.
Besides download / patch / update, you can register your copy of EA games. If you lost your CD, you can always download a new copy of the EA Download Manager. The downside of this application is an application should be operated to be able to play the game you download.

EA Download Manager is a download manager with a capability that is perfect, although limited to EA games. A flexible system in our opinion. EA download manager is very simple to use. You can download and install this small application in minutes.

Here are some advantages of the EA Download Manager:

- Efficient
- Very easy to use
- Patch and automatic updates

Here are some weaknesses of the EA Download Manager:

- Only supports EA game
- Download can not be played without the use of this download manager.

What's new in this version?

- Display In Game EADM.
- Add a profile page. You can create a public profile, choose an avatar, and display the game.
- Adding Facebook, PSN, and XBL integration so you can create a friend list you EADM.
- Add a social notification so you will know when your friends to sign-in or play a game.
- Adding a chat function to allow you to talk with your friends.

Download EA Download Manager 8.0