Alt-Tab Thingy 4.0

Alt-Tab thingy will help you to switch between applications easily and more attractive than ever. Alt-tab thingy is an Alt-Tab replacement utility. This utility is a keyboard shortcut to activate the replacement quickly between applications / windows. Alt-Tab thingy is a substitute to add a new feature-feature to help you to change the task faster and more efficiently than the previous.

Alt-Tab thingy is a free tool that replaces the function Alt-Tab, also known as Task Switcher in Windows. Alt-tab thingy is a tool that is flexible and has a pretty impressive capabilities.

What is permitted?
This tool allows you to change the program and windows quickly, but can be customized, with a number of settings and options, and can include some very useful addition. This tool gives a new life into a feature of Windows.

System tray icon to access the Alt-Tab thingy two main interfaces:

The first is a dialogue setting, and the other is a version of the Windows Task Switcher with an optional Preview Pane. Setting arrange everything from the Taskbar Preview and Minimize Switch to a Black List of programs consisting of the Task List and a slider Ghostling can configure the window opacity. There are a number of options can be set, such as one that can minimize a window automatically into the taskbar or system tray when you select another window.

Secondly, among other functions, we can change the display setting us off the need to press the Alt key, set the alternative to the Tab key, set the mouse scroll wheel to move the area without using the scrollbar, change the icon and the program view, and automatically shut down or minimize any Explorer window that is no longer active for a predetermined time.

How does it work? Press Alt-tab will bring up the Task List. That's it.

Download Alt-Tab Thingy 4.0